Welcome to OOHP Master’s Program!

Occupational Health Psychology research and practice aim at developing interventions at individual and organizational level in order to create healthier organizations and  employees and to maximize employees’ effectiveness and work performance. This program is an excellent opportunity to develop practical skills for working as organizational consultants in multinational environments. Our program is also designed to provide a sound theoretical and research background in preparing for further PhD studies in the field.
On our MSc in Organizational and Occupational Health Psychology you will:
  • develop the theoretical background and understanding for helping organizations and employees to prevent stress and design interventions for promoting organizational health;
  • gain knowledge about organizational procedures and programs that enhance the well-being and effectiveness of employees;
  •  learn how to collaborate as part of a team made of professionals with a variety of backgrounds, focusing on psychological issues;
  •  develop research skills in this field.

Master’s program in OOHP is recognized by the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology: http://www.eaohp.org/education-and-training.html