Organizational and Occupational  Health  Psychology 
Master’s Program (OOHP)
Department of Psychology, West University of Timisoara


“Occupational Health Psychology concerns the application of psychology to improving the quality of work life and to protecting and promoting the safety, health and well-being of workers” (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health – NIOSH). These issues are found to be of critical relevance to business, therefore researchers and practitioners in organizational and occupational health psychology address the sources and the consequences of stressors, dysfunctional behaviors at work, burnout, absence, accidents, turnover, and low performance.

This program is an excellent opportunity to develop practical skills for working in various work environments. As a newly graduated student, you can start planning a career in this area, develop research skills and understand relevant phenomena in organizations; as an HR professional you can strengthen your skills on employee selection and training, set up an assessment center, build on your expertise and expand it with new knowledge about methods of diagnosis and intervention for organizational development, design work-family programs; as a team leader or a manager in a technical area you can learn about psycho-social relations at work and how to build a more effective team; as an employer and/or entrepreneur you can develop an organizational culture and work practices to foster a healthy work climate and promote employee work engagement; as a policy-maker you can raise awareness on community level and help organizations build better practices. Our program is also designed to provide a sound theoretical and research background in preparing for further PhD studies in the field. The courses are taught by academic staff that holds an extensive research experience in the field, while also expanding upon an evidence-based consultancy approach.

Master’s program accredited by ARACIS (Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education), professionally recognized and approved by COPSI (Romanian College of Psychologists) and recognized by the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology and Society for Occupational Health Psychology