Dr.  Zoltan Bogathy, Professor
Courses: Motivation and performance at work
 Dr. Alin Gavreliuc, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Sociology and Psychology, West University of Timisoara
Courses: Cross-cultural Organizational Psychology
Dr. Dragos Iliescu, Professor
Consulting skills, Leadership and strategic thinking in organizational development
Dr. Corina Ilin, Associate Professor
Courses: Organizational development and change, Workplace environmental psychology

Dr. Irina Macsinga, Associate professor
Courses: Organizational Behavior

Dr. Ramona Palos, Associate professor
Courses: Training and development
Dr. Florin Alin Sava, Professor, Head of the Department of Psychology,
West University of Timisoara 
Courses: Research, practice and preparation of dissertation in organizational and occupational health psychology

Dr. Coralia Sulea, Associate professor
Courses: Organizational communication and group processes, Organizations and employees well-being
Dr. Mona Vintila, Professor
Courses: Work, stress and health, Work-family conflict
Dr. Delia Virga, Associate professor
Courses: Employee selection and placement, Introduction to Occupational Health Psychology