OOHP master structure
Education plan OOHP 2018-2020
Education plan OOHP 2013_2015 
Education plan OOHP 2014_2016
1st year 
Research methods (professor Florin Alin Sava, Ph.D.)
Introduction to occupational health psychology (Associate professor Coralia Sulea, Ph.D.)
Organizational behavior (Associate professor Irina Macsinga, Ph.D.)
Organizational communication and group processes (Associate professor Coralia Sulea, Ph.D.)
Cross-cultural organizational psychology (Professor Alin Gavreliuc, Ph.D.)


Personnel selection and assessment (Associate professor Delia Virga, Ph.D.)
Open course: Current approaches in OOHP (Invited practitioners and professors from abroad)
Organizations and employees well-being: Theories and interventions (Professor Delia Virga, Ph.D.)
Ethics and academic integrity (Ramona Iocsa-Pora)

Specialty practice

2nd year
Consulting skills (Professor Dragos Iliescu, Ph.D.)
HR processes and metrics (Lecturer Lavinia Tanculescu, Ph.D.)

Specialty practice
Leadership and strategic thinking in organizational development (Associate professor Coralia Sulea, Ph.D.)
Work, stress, and health (Professor Mona Vintila, Ph.D.)


Compensations and benefits (Petru Virga, Ph.D.)
Workplace environmental psychology (Associate professor Corina Ilin, Ph.D.)
Training and development (Associate professor Ramona Palos, Ph.D.)
Motivation and performance at work  (Professor Dragos Iliescu, Ph.D.)

Practice for dissertation